1. Tavistock District Association By-Laws



As of March 2019 we have many homes that have not paid their HOA fees and/or late fees totaling 18k. These fees also reflect those that are on a payment plan. Understand that we have an operating budget dependent on the HOA fees collected. We cannot buy or replace needed items.  As homeowners, it is your responsibility to make sure your HOA fees are paid. When every resident bought their home, they agreed to pay HOA fees AND follow rules and guidelines. Understand that late fees, attorney fees etc WILL NOT be waived FOR ANY REASON. Interest will accrue, and we will collect.  All delinquencies are forwarded to our collection attorney who aggressively pursues full payment. Once a resident meets the financial threshold amount and continues non payment, a lien IS placed on their home. If they still continue not to pay, they WILL go into foreclosure. Residents are given every opportunity to pay before a lien is even placed. We encourage homeowners to contact Leland Management and/or the law company to discuss options if the homeowner finds themselves in arrears. ​​You can pay online via the Leland Mgmt website where you created your account. If you haven't paid, contact Leland at 1215 Admiralty Blvd Rockledge FL 32955  (321) 549-0953   or  your Leland webpage at     http://www.lelandmanagement.com/communities/tavistock-district-association               
** Late fees will accrue more late fees. Residents that decide after they see they have a late fee, to just pay the HOA fee and skip paying the late fee are subject to the same rules. As residents continue not to pay fees, the resident will be subject to a lien and foreclosure when it meets criteria. 

Questions about collections or assessments? Call 407-447-9955 or email [email protected]


Street parking and overnight street parking is not permitted. Resident driveways should not be blocked. Parking over sidewalks is not permitted. Visitors and guests may park in the street for occasional parties. All resident/guest vehicles should be parked in either the driveway or garage. Street parking causes a safety hazard to emergency service vehicles, drivers, other community traffic, pedestrians/children. Therefore, it will be enforced and violation letters and fines will be issued.  Boats and campers are also referenced in the bylaws and not allowed to be parked in the street.


Parking violations will not be tolerated. Signs are posted in each community regarding a tow away zone. Vehicles not following rules and regulations will be towed at owners expense.


Pets must be leashed when outside and shall not be permitted to run loose. No pet or animal shall be "tied out" in a yard or otherwise left unattended in a yard. Every person walking a pet shall clean up all matter created by the pet. 

  Dog Barking- The county has changed it's link. You can call to complain at 321-633-2024 or try this link for the paperwork. Copy and paste.


  Garage Sales

Garage sales will be in the months of April and October. Two per year. Residents wishing to have a garage sale must select the date, pick up/return community signs to Leland Mgmt and post the community signs. Contact Leland Mgmt if you wish to coordiante the next garage sale. If you require additional signs, Fairway Management requires a refundable deposit but extra signage is available through them.  

  Pavilion rental and home/exterior modifications, CVCA and ARC 

If you are looking to rent the pool pavilion, that would be through the CVCA (Fairway Management) and you must call to reserve the pavilion and put down a refundable deposit. Any changes made to what was initially installed on your property will need ARC approval ie: house exterior paint colors, accordian shutters, mailboxes, fences,roof tiles, pools etc  ARC is through Fairway Management at 321-777-7575.  For the ARC paperwork, go to this link and click on the very first hyperlink- Central Viera ARC   http://www.fairwaymgmt.com/mrc.html    or try   http://www.cvcaviera.com/how-do-i/get-modification-approval/?fref=gc&dti=172160949785116  for the paperwork.

Sidewalks & curbs

Per the bylaws, the sidewalks and curbs in front of each residents property is the responsibility of that resident to clean. It becomes a tripping hazard when the sidewalks get overly black, muddy and mossy to pedestrians.

 Meeting Minutes  

Meeting minutes and agenda items will not be published on this site. Any new community rules put into place are done at the public meetings. Request a copy of these items by contacting Leland Management. 

 * Residents can report violations to Leland Management (321-549-0953). 
    After Hours HOA related Emergencies call 866-263-3987