Meetings/Events/Community News


  • Leland Management sent everyone a letter dated 14 Nov 2016 with log in information to their website. You must create a password. If you do not see your community, try the 4 letters TAVI for Tavistock. There you can pay your HOA bills, fines, email the CAM manager (Darcie Madison) etc.

  • The website is

          If you are looking to rent the Eastwind Park Pavilion OR need approval for property structures,pools etc Please contact Fairway Management at 
        (321) 777-7575

  •    Each community is in the process of additional landscaping.

  •    Each community was installed with a black mailbox and gold numbers. Call Beautiful Mailboxes to replace these items with what was originally installed.Ed Schissler Beautiful Mailbox Company 954-792-6245 or 305-403-4820  Questions? Contact  Leland Mgmt, the HOA or ARC                                 



HOA Meeting Dates

​19 June 2018- 630pm, Govt Bldg

Board Meeting Minutes 

 Please email and ask for the newest approved minutes. Meeting minutes/financials will not be posted on this website.